An Introduction to Ethical Selling



Let’s face it, sales gets a lot of negative publicity, even just the word Salesperson may conjure up images of an old-school 80's-style car salesman with slick back hair, and questionable morals. This is often for good reason, as much of what is taught by traditional sales coaches is outdated, boiler room tactics that can be reduced to psychological manipulation, leading customers and clients frustrated (often even after purchasing).  


However, as someone who has closed dozens of multi-million-pound deals utilising an ethical selling framework, I can confidently say it doesn’t have to be this way. Sales, when done correctly, can be a wonderful art form, leaving everyone satisfied and with a smile on their face at the end of what was a fun and productive conversation. 


This article hopes to introduce you to the wonderful world of ethical selling. As well as sharing some top tips, I’ll explain how you can get...


Ethical Selling Tips

I’m a firm non-believer in sleazy sales tactics. It doesn’t work and can truly be a recipe for disaster! I empower people, to sell ethically and in a way that they can be proud of.

Ethical selling is the only way forward and it is essential to build and maintain trust with clients, which in turn brings repeat business and increased profits. Since clients and consumers can often be well informed about a particular product or service beforehand, it is essential for you, a salesperson, to be as ethical and honest as you can be. Usually, honesty and transparency will pay off, as clients will appreciate your ethical selling standards.

Some un-ethical selling techniques that are often used are; withholding relevant information or misleading the customer when overpromising. Leaving out information will have a negative effect on your reputation and to avoid falling into the trap of overpromising, you should ensure you guarantee only what you know you can deliver. Not only will...


3 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for Digital Agencies

LinkedIn is a social media platform known for connecting professionals with professionals, which makes it the ideal place to be for digital strategists. The truth of the matter is that most users are on LinkedIn to better themselves, personally and professionally. This is why it is perfect for attracting leads, identifying your target audience, and ultimately making sales. However, it’s important to employ the proper strategies to get the most return from your efforts. In this article, we’re discussing three LinkedIn lead generation strategies digital agencies can use to improve brand awareness and build their business. 

LinkedIn is a Valuable Tool for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is quite powerful. Many large organizations accredit the platform for providing 70%, 80%, and even 94% of their B2B leads.1 This is primarily because people on LinkedIn tend to be extremely active and engaged. That’s great news for you because most users are professionals who have a high...


How to Follow Up with Facebook Leads in 3 Easy Steps

Despite the introduction of new platforms, like TikTok, Facebook remains the most popular social media channel in the world. In fact, nearly 3 billion users log into their Facebook account every single month. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that business owners continue to use their Facebook accounts to generate and nurture many of their most profitable leads. But, though Facebook leads tend to convert like crazy, each one is just another number if you don’t know how to nurture it. 


In this article, we’re discussing three easy ways to help you nurture your Facebook leads and create conversions that last. 


  • Implement a Facebook Chatbot


Believe it or not, Facebook chatbots are incredibly powerful. These tools can be customized and personalized down to the smallest detail, allowing them to almost “take over” Facebook messaging for your business. When implemented properly, chatbots can even be used as a way...


The 3-Step Branding Checklist For Entrepreneurs

Branding, or the process of creating a name or symbol easily recognisable to your company, is an essential step in building a successful modern business. For entrepreneurs, branding can help differentiate you from your competition and outline the precise services that you offer. Today’s customers are looking for connection and humanity from the companies they support, which is why adding some personalisation to your organisation is so essential. 


In this article, we’re discussing the reasons why every entrepreneur should be taking steps to brand themselves. We are then sharing a quick checklist to help you understand the ways you can easily and effectively brand yourself for success. 

The Importance of Branding for Entrepreneurs

There are so many businesses out there. Many of them are startups and, unfortunately, most won’t succeed. For today’s entrepreneurs to remain relevant, despite all that noise, employing an effective branding strategy...


The Entrepreneur's Checklist for Starting a New Business

Are you making the consideration to work for yourself by starting your own business?

You’re not alone! In fact, there are nearly 600 million entrepreneurs around the world. 

And they all had to start somewhere.

While it might feel overwhelming to be faced with the task of getting your idea off the ground and turned into a profit-generating business, the process is easier than you might think. 

In this article, we’re talking about the top steps you need to take to start your new business. 

A step-by-step guide to starting a new business

Facing the undertaking of starting an entirely new business from scratch definitely seems daunting. But, when you break the process down into bite-sized chunks and easily digestible steps, the entire thing becomes much more approachable.

While your precise list for starting a new business might vary slightly, most entrepreneurs follow a general step-by-step checklist.

 Research the market and validate your...


3 Simple Ways to Get More Coaching Clients with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an often overlooked social media platform, but it’s actually quite beneficial, especially for those with a coaching business. There are more than 750 million members on the platform, and the very mission of LinkedIn is to help make professionals “more productive and successful.” In this article, we’re discussing the numerous benefits of LinkedIn for coaches, and how they can utilise the social networking website to grow their business and earn more clients. 

How is LinkedIn Different from Other Social Media Platforms?

As mentioned above, LinkedIn does not serve the same purpose as other social media platforms. Instead of aiming to entertain or connect people on a friendly basis, LinkedIn acts as a social networking tool for professionals. The platform is very different from other social media websites, but two of the most standout differences between them are:


  • LinkedIn was Designed with Professional Networking in Mind




7 Effective Advertising Strategies for a Successful Coaching and Consulting Business

When it's time to market your coaching business, it is incredibly important to focus on the quality of clients you are attracting. Instead of sharing everything about your business all over the internet in hopes of anyone seeing it, you want to narrow in on your ideal client. You can then interact with them by sharing valuable content and fostering your relationship, knowing that they have a genuine interest in your business.

Marketing Your Coaching Business is All About Quality

Spend time researching your target market, their interests, and the type of content they respond to before actually jumping into just marketing anything. This will help you make the most of your time, while also generating the highest engagement for each post. In this article, we will discuss seven advertising strategies for you to consider implementing to get your business in front of the best eyes every time.

 7 Advertising Strategies for a Successful Coaching Business

1.   Invest in Paid...


How to grow my online business using business development skills

How to grow my online business using business development skills

SO, what is Business Development, and why should entrepreneurs care about it?


In this article we will be looking at understanding what business development is, and why entrepreneurs and business owners should know about it. We will explore what business development actually means, what tasks are considered ‘business development’ and how it fits into an overall business strategy. 

What is Business Development?

Business Development is a term used in the corporate space to define activities which help the business make more money. In actual fact it can often take 6 months or longer in a ‘corporate BD’ job to start seeing real traction in business development. The reason for this is because many of the activities of a ‘BD Executive’ are built on cold outreach and require relationship building and nurturing over time. 


Business Development has been around...


Everything you need to know about social media marketing as an online Coach

Since its birth just over 20-years-ago, social media has quickly risen to one of the most critical components of the marketing strategy. Most coaches, especially those who specialize in self-improvement and business, rely on social media for a large portion of their clients. That’s because everyone is online, sharing their information and personal details, and making these platforms a literal gold mine for business owners and advertisers.

With the right approach, you could tap into this supply and skyrocket your business to success.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about using social media marketing for your coaching business, from the best platforms to focus on, to the content you should share. It’s time to discover all that this powerful tool can do.

Best Platforms for Social Media Marketing

The sheer number of social media platforms out there is enough to leave you feeling overwhelmed. But, each one serves a different purpose, and...

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