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Testimonial for DFY Top of Funnel Sales

Sean Austin, CEO of Markets EQ, Fintech AI


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"Rachel is fantastic A+, very knowledgeable about sales, I am delighted to have found her!"

Antoin, Don't Die Wondering & AMZ Investment Start Up

""I hired Rachel to be that "devil's advocate" for me to vet out our sales strategy. I found Rachel to be a breath of fresh air. She offered some sales tips that we will be implementing soon. I look forward in working with Rachel again in the near future!""

Owner, Retail Consulting

"Rachel was immensely helpful for me. We went over my current business strategy and we discussed things I hadn't yet considered in terms of obtaining new clients and growing my business. Anyone looking for ways to grow their business, Rachel's got some really good ideas. She really took the time to listen to my needs and understand where I'm currently at. Anyone looking for a coach to scale or grow your business, I highly recommend Rachel. Thanks again Rachel I really appreciate your help. "


"If anyone is looking for a sales consultant or coach, I’d honestly recommend Rachel in a heart beat for a number of different reasons, but number one being that she is super easy to talk to and actually cares! She’s not a “buy my program” type, but someone who takes a genuine interest in helping people grow their businesses. If your on the fence, don’t be."

Founder & CEO, Fifty2 Digital

"Rachel was very knowledgable, supportive and encouraging, and had some excellent quick-to-implement tips!"

Founder & CEO

"I am absolutely blown away at the depth and value that Rachel was able to provide to me in just one hour. I have just woken up to 3 sales overnight! In comparison to 5 sales all week! 3 sales overnight! This was after my guidance from Rachel! "


"I had a lot of problems finding the right kinds of clients and then getting them on a call. I actually used to hate it. But since Rachel started consulting me, the process has been really smooth and I just closed a 5K deal! The results came fast, really fast! "

Isaac Cubero
Founder and CEO, Selecta Branding Agency for Fintech

"I always had trouble with sales and business develpment, but couldn't work out what the real issue was. With Rachel, I learned how to grow my business, which 3x my revenue within 2 months."

Nico, Performance Consulting for Tech

"Before working with Rachel my business was disorganised, I was drowning in paperwork and spending hours on quotations, visits, and systems that were not efficient and my online presence was virtually non existent. Rachel basically brought me into the digital age, taking my business procedures and streamlining so that i had more time to spend on things that brought me revenue. The increased web presence and from taking the advice she gave me regarding my facebook Business page, has nearly trebled my viable enquiries and bookings going forward. I cannot recommend Rachel enough, she will only help your business to grow."

Owner, Bespoke Interiors

I help Founders and CEO's close deals faster. Work with an expert via weekly sales growth meetings. Focus on more (higher-quality) leads and opportunities, better conversions, and efficient systems. 

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Testimonial for DFY Top of Funnel Sales

Dale Hower, CEO of Firm Numbers


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