Ethical Selling Tips

I’m a firm non-believer in sleazy sales tactics. It doesn’t work and can truly be a recipe for disaster! I empower people, to sell ethically and in a way that they can be proud of.

Ethical selling is the only way forward and it is essential to build and maintain trust with clients, which in turn brings repeat business and increased profits. Since clients and consumers can often be well informed about a particular product or service beforehand, it is essential for you, a salesperson, to be as ethical and honest as you can be. Usually, honesty and transparency will pay off, as clients will appreciate your ethical selling standards.

Some un-ethical selling techniques that are often used are; withholding relevant information or misleading the customer when overpromising. Leaving out information will have a negative effect on your reputation and to avoid falling into the trap of overpromising, you should ensure you guarantee only what you know you can deliver. Not only will this be an accurate reporting, it opens up the space to potentially under promise and overdeliver, which will do more than anything else to ensure a long-lasting relationship. 

All sales calls have the aim of influencing your client to make a purchase or to do an action, either through persuasion or manipulation. Any persuasion effort will be perceived as manipulation if your intention merely is to maximize your own benefit, even at the expense of your prospect’s if need be. This is why choosing who you sell to is the most important factor of all. Who can you help? Who can you give true value to?

Developing a code of ethics for your business helps build a culture of ethical selling. Your code of ethics might simply be a statement of principles defining the way you operate, make decisions and treat your customers, suppliers and industry peers. 

I teach teams how to have ethical sales calls that win dream clients consistently - without feeling like you are pushing your solution. As you can probably tell, I feel strongly about outdated pushy sales scripts and I aim to teach my clients how to start using an effective and reliable system to confidently win clients.

 You don't have to put more pressure on a client to win more business and close bigger deals, you need to master your synergy selling and build meaningful connections and ethical experiences. You can then start enjoying a healthy, predictable monthly profit!

Many sales people waste their time on people who aren’t a good fit, or simply aren’t in a position to buy their service. If you learn to disqualify the non-perfect clients from the funnel quickly, efficiently and professionally, you will save yourself so much time, and essentially money. Your time is valuable, and there’s nothing worse than wasting it on searching for the wrong clients in the wrong places. Furthermore, your selling will remain ethical, as you are choosing individuals that you can truly give value to.

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