3 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies for Digital Agencies

LinkedIn is a social media platform known for connecting professionals with professionals, which makes it the ideal place to be for digital strategists. The truth of the matter is that most users are on LinkedIn to better themselves, personally and professionally. This is why it is perfect for attracting leads, identifying your target audience, and ultimately making sales. However, it’s important to employ the proper strategies to get the most return from your efforts. In this article, we’re discussing three LinkedIn lead generation strategies digital agencies can use to improve brand awareness and build their business. 

LinkedIn is a Valuable Tool for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is quite powerful. Many large organizations accredit the platform for providing 70%, 80%, and even 94% of their B2B leads.1 This is primarily because people on LinkedIn tend to be extremely active and engaged. That’s great news for you because most users are professionals who have a high amount of purchasing power. 

LinkedIn Strategies for Success

Having a strong presence on LinkedIn is important, but it’s not going to be the thing that attracts clients to your website. That’s because a powerful, optimized profile page means nothing if no one sees it. Instead, you must go out and attract your ideal clients back to a beautiful, informative page that makes them want to learn more. The top three strategies for successfully doing that are:


  • Publish Articles Frequently


You have a blog, but do you publish articles on LinkedIn? This is an extremely important step to establishing yourself as an authority on the platform. Because LinkedIn surrounds the concept of building relationships, the willingness to share knowledge is huge. Your connections receive a notification with each article you publish, and this foundation provides new visitors with a wealth of information when they arrive on your profile. 


  • Gate Your Content


If your landing page or website is already getting lots of traffic and you’re looking to attract new, targeted visitors, you should consider gating some of your more valuable content. While it’s always important to keep the top of your funnel completely ungated, it’s equally vital to collect their email further down the journey. Start by mapping out the stages of your sales funnels to identify potential areas for lead generation. Then, consider adding a gate to your content that covers deeper insights about your business or other high-quality content. This helps you collect profitable information from those who are actually interested in your company.


  • Automate Your Marketing Campaigns


Automation is the doorway to the future, so you must make this approach part of your current lead generation strategy. Ad optimisation is not only extremely time-consuming and mundane but automating the process can also lead to increased revenue. This is because automation helps make communication more timely and efficient. One key component of reaching your target audience is posting when they’re most active, and automation helps you achieve this. 

LinkedIn is the Portal to Success

There is a reason all the professionals are on LinkedIn, and why more than 300 million people access the website every single month. For digital agencies, the growth potential on LinkedIn is huge, especially if the platform is used correctly. Going into 2021, some of the most cutting edge strategies to consider implementing are continued frequent engagement, included gated content, and automating your approach.


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