Everything you need to know about social media marketing as an online Coach

Since its birth just over 20-years-ago, social media has quickly risen to one of the most critical components of the marketing strategy. Most coaches, especially those who specialize in self-improvement and business, rely on social media for a large portion of their clients. That’s because everyone is online, sharing their information and personal details, and making these platforms a literal gold mine for business owners and advertisers.

With the right approach, you could tap into this supply and skyrocket your business to success.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about using social media marketing for your coaching business, from the best platforms to focus on, to the content you should share. It’s time to discover all that this powerful tool can do.

Best Platforms for Social Media Marketing

The sheer number of social media platforms out there is enough to leave you feeling overwhelmed. But, each one serves a different purpose, and not all come with the same benefits. Coaches are encouraged to put their focus on two main platforms: 

Facebook: This is a great platform for businesses in almost every industry simply because of the number of people signed up here. Coaches can use Facebook for its targeted groups, live feature, and ad opportunities.  

Instagram: Another really popular platform for coaches, Instagram boasts highly engaged audience members, an extremely popular “Stories” feature, and useful analytics. Business owners should consider creating a presence on this platform.

Your Content is Everything

Your content is the most important aspect of your social media strategy. Everything else just supports the content that you create. If the right frame of mind is applied, social media content can be used as a voice for your coaching business, projecting your values, and helping you stand out from the crowd.

Is Your Content Valuable?

Valuable content is sharable content. Make sure that your posts bring something to those who see it. Offer them a laugh, or teach them something new. Content that triggers an emotion or presents an incentive is regularly successful. Whatever it is, make it sharable. Once you are sure of the problem you solve for your ideal clients, producing helpful content becomes a whole lot easier. 

Did You Use the Right Keywords/Hashtags?

Keyword and hashtag research is a crucial step in the social media marketing strategy. This helps you know the words and terms your audience is searching for so that you can include them in your posts. This is also where know the 'problem you solve' comes in to play. The right hashtag research will help your content get in front of their eyes. And, if it’s valuable content, social media will take care of the rest!

Are You Posting the Right Type of Content?

Where you share your content is important, but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. Different types of content also perform better, regardless of the platforms they’re posted on. There is no shortage of options, either. From user-generated content and infographics to client testimonials and live videos, a little research on the right type of content for your audience will go a long way.


Build a Relationship with Your Audience

The content you post, while important, is just one aspect of maintaining a social media presence. At the heart of it all though, the relationships between your business and your clients are what drive you to success. Everything that you post, and all decisions you make, should have your audience in mind. After all, why else does your coaching business exist?

Some of the best ways to prioritise your relationship with your audience include:

  • Maintaining a fast response rate
  • Embracing the human side of your business
  • Encouraging feedback from followers
  • Participating in conversations
  • Rewarding your customers
  • Keeping up to date on latest valuable information to keep your target audience informed 


Social media is an incredibly useful tool for coaches, available at your very fingertips. It helps connect you with your audience in a never-before-seen way, while also providing a voice for you in a space where the entire world is speaking. By posting the right content, and focusing on the right priorities, coaches on social media can target their ideal clients and build an audience that is more engaged than ever.

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