3 Simple Ways to Get More Coaching Clients with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an often overlooked social media platform, but it’s actually quite beneficial, especially for those with a coaching business. There are more than 750 million members on the platform, and the very mission of LinkedIn is to help make professionals “more productive and successful.” In this article, we’re discussing the numerous benefits of LinkedIn for coaches, and how they can utilise the social networking website to grow their business and earn more clients. 

How is LinkedIn Different from Other Social Media Platforms?

As mentioned above, LinkedIn does not serve the same purpose as other social media platforms. Instead of aiming to entertain or connect people on a friendly basis, LinkedIn acts as a social networking tool for professionals. The platform is very different from other social media websites, but two of the most standout differences between them are:


  • LinkedIn was Designed with Professional Networking in Mind


With features like job listings and trending courses, LinkedIn was very clearly designed with the professional in mind. Think of the platform as an online directory of other professionals in your network and a way to keep up with their achievements. 



  • LinkedIn Boasts Better Conversion Rates


Not only is LinkedIn designed with success in mind, but the platform is also an incredibly effective marketing approach. In fact, when compared with both Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn was found to be 277% more effective at generating new leadsThis means that people are more likely to visit your website and give you their money when they find you on LinkedIn than when they find you on another social media platform. 

3 Ways to Get More Coaching Clients with LinkedIn

Knowing the importance of LinkedIn and knowing how to properly use the platform are two totally different worlds. But navigating LinkedIn, and successfully landing new clients for your coaching business doesn’t have to be difficult. Some of the most effective strategies for success on LinkedIn are simpler than you might believe. These approaches include:


  • Edit Your Signature and Message New Connections


Start by simply thanking people for connecting with you on LinkedIn. This provides a genuine first impression, and make your connection that much more personal. Take this as an opportunity to share a common interest with your new connection, but don’t pitch anything. Instead, optimize your message signature to include pertinent information, like your website. This small step simply opens the door for communication and allows this new person in your network to feel like they know you. 




  • Grow Your Connections Consistently


Instead of skyrocketing in new connections overnight, LinkedIn is designed to help you grow your network consistently over time. The platform requires patience and personalization at every turn. Sit down and set monthly goals for yourself, and send 5-10 connection requests weekly. Make sure you follow up with anyone that you meet in person or interact with outside of LinkedIn to grow your following even more organically. 


  • Join Professional Groups in Your Niche


Similar to other social networking websites, LinkedIn offers users the option to join groups related to specific topics and interests. This feature is a great tool for growing your network on the platform and earning new clients for your coaching business. You can join up to 100 groups on LinkedIn, and it’s important to make sure that all the ones you are involved with are active and frequently maintained. You can then participate in groups by posting articles, asking questions, sharing your expertise, and promoting yourself. 

LinkedIn is an Amazing Tool to Grow Your Coaching Business

The coaching industry is incredibly competitive, and finding your pool of prospective clients can be difficult. LinkedIn is a wonderful place to sign up and get started. Because it is a professional network, people on this platform are looking to better themselves and advance their careers. And, as a professional coach, that’s exactly what you do! When you create a profile that makes you visible to your target market and optimises it in a way that establishes your brand as an authority, landing coaching clients on LinkedIn is almost a guarantee. 



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