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I specialize in helping Fintech, AI, and Consulting companies overcome the hurdles of generating sales & growth.


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Win New Clients Faster.  


Helping Fintech, AI & Consulting Clients overcome the hurdles of generating sales & growth.


Sales & Business Development Weekly Sessions

Stay on track with your growth goals.


Implement sales systems that lead to a consistent flow of calls, and significantly increase new client closes.


Some of the ways I help CEO's, Founders, Sales Leaders & Consultants:

Lead Generation

Top of funnel, offer testing and positioning, DFY Sales or DWY options available


Increase sales opportunities and calls, tracking key metrics and results 


Sales Assets & Hub 

Helping you create sales assets and organize them to support your new and growing sales team.

Sales Team Training

Supporting Sales Teams with Getting up to speed and how to ramp quicker

Closing Sales

Sales strategist, expert guidance on reducing sales cycle length and winning more deals 

New avenues for opportunitie

Create fuller sales funnels with quality leads and partnerships

Business Development

Partnerships, referrals systems, and client experience training 

Sales Hub Creation & Building Sales Teams

Sales Assets, trainings, organisation, KPI's, results tracking, automation, and scaling. 

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