5 Strategies to attract new coaching clients in just 15 minutes per day

Developing and implementing plans that win your coaching business new clients, but also don’t take up all of your time, demands a very delicate balance. It can be done, however, whether you’re just starting out in your coaching career, or you’re looking for innovative ways to scale your business as it grows.

By applying the right networking skills, marketing tactics, and advertising campaigns, you can attract new coaching clients in just 15 minutes a day.

This article will be exploring 5 time-saving strategies to help you grow your business without wasting your time.

5 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Having the ability to effectively conserve energy and streamline tasks is a required skill in the coaching industry. It is a demanding profession and one that can take up all of your time if you’re not careful.

Early on in their careers, coaches should explore ways in which they can work smarter, to achieve the greatest outcome in each hour of work, and allow...


What does conversion mean in marketing? 4 easy ways to improve your conversion rates

When it comes to running a business or growing your business online, the marketing side provides a rather steep learning curve.

There are lots of new terms to understand and metrics to keep track of, but probably the most important of them all is your conversion.

In marketing, your conversion is everything. It lets you know you’re on the right track and drives your business to success. It can also be quite complex to understand.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing conversion, when it happens, how to keep track of it, and the best ways to improve it.

When Does a Conversion Happen?

Put simply, a conversion happens when someone completes the desired goal due to your marketing efforts.

Typically, the goal is a purchase of some type, but a successful conversion can be anything from lead generation and form completion, to simply acquiring their email address or visits to a specific page.

If you ever want to properly track your marketing conversions, it’s...


3 things you need to know before you market your coaching business

Finding the time to research the best strategies out there can be a real challenge.

Often we are looking for a quick solution to a problem we are having right now, (in between all the other things that we are doing!). Or, we are trying to get things done FAST and go bulldozing our way through our to-do list without a strategy (been there!).

I work with a lot of online coaches, as well as being an online coach myself, I am going to share with you 3 things you need to know before deciding how to market your coaching business.

The level of busy you are likely already experiencing often means less time for research and testing. 

You might type in things like ‘best system for….’ or ‘how to get more clients with…’. What you generally find is a 'mish mash' of content, with widely variable quality issues. 

You can end up sifting through a mountain of ‘stuff’ trying to figure out which bits are reliable and which are...


6 Essential Coaching Systems To Save Time and Scale

Please note - this article includes affiliate links to pages which include offers for discounts or free trials 


When becoming a Coach, there are some extremely helpful tools and systems that can save a significant amount of time (and headaches).

In this article I will run through the systems and tools I wish I knew about months before I got stuck in the nitty gritty of growing my Business Coaching brand. 


You can end up chasing your tail and wasting valuable time and energy when you're a newbie online business. There’s no shame in it, I’ve yet to meet someone who felt like they didn’t waste a whole bunch of time in the early days trying to run around and tick all the boxes of setting up and new business, delivering a killer service and scaling a booming business.


There are simply SO many things to do! 

From creating your online course, having an amazing social media presence, creating your coaching system, creating funnels,...


10 Creative Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales for Your Business

One of the most difficult aspects of the marketing world is that, because it is always changing and evolving, it requires constant adaptation for businesses to remain relevant.

Marketing is an exceptionally imaginative field, challenging professionals to stay up-to-date on current trends while also providing information about the brand that consumers can relate with. The process requires lots of research, time, and balance for success to occur, which is why it’s sometimes easy to hit that imaginative block.


When business owners feel low on their creative marketing suggestions, all it usually takes is some inspiration and excitement to get that strategy back on track. This article serves as a way to provide professionals with 10 proven marketing ideas to increase sales and help your business make its way to the top. 

1.  Run a Contest to Boost Excitement

More than buying new items, people love winning free things, so an online contest or giveaway is a wonderful...


13 Questions to Ask a Potential Business Coach

Whether you’ve just resolved to start your business or you’re getting ready to take it to the next level, making major business decisions when it's your own business, can definitely feel overwhelming. There are several different reasons why professionals might seek the help of a coach, and choosing the right match for you is extremely important to achieving the results that you desire. Before hiring someone, there are some critical questions to ask a potential business coach that are worth considering.

This is because not every coach is equal, and a little research and investigation goes a very long way. Before settling on a coach who you will trust with your business decisions, make sure to do your due diligence, and explore different coaching options.

This article will explore the top 13 questions to consider asking your potential business coach so that you can learn more about their credentials and whether or not they would be a good match for your needs.



What is a sales funnel? Easiest ever guide on what you need to know

In the world of making sales online, it’s not about just setting up shop and then waiting for the customers to start rolling in. (Damn). 

Instead, entrepreneurs and business owners on the Internet are required to guide potential customers on a journey, funnelling them through different stages of belief in the company as a whole. One person could never nurture every single customer on this journey, which is where the sales funnel comes in.

While many business-savvy people have heard of sales funnels by now, many still don’t know how to define what one actually is.


This article seeks to explore the question “What is a sales funnel?”, helping entrepreneurs understand it thoroughly so that they can build their own.

What is a Sales Funnel?

One of the best ways to truly understand a sales funnel is by first visualising a real funnel.

Designed to help you pour something into one finite destination in a controlled manner, a sales funnel works the same...


Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Facebook Groups

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Facebook

When it comes to running a business in today’s digital world, regardless of its size, a social media presence is crucial.

Not only is this an important avenue for connecting with your audience and understanding their needs, but it is a requirement for appearing professional and trustworthy as a brand.

A potential customer is almost guaranteed to look for your social media presence, so it’s imperative to ensure it actually exists. 

Currently, about 3.8 billion people are using social media in some way, which is more than half the world. This marketing approach grants you access to a market and group of people that you otherwise may have never heard of.

It doesn’t take much convincing to stress the importance of including social media into a business marketing strategy. 

The issue typically is not that business owners don’t recognise the significance of a social media marketing...


What is a Business Coach? Your 5 Burning Questions Answered

What is a Business Coach? Your 5 Burning Questions Answered 

In this article we will be exploring what a Business Coach is, what they can help with and what they typically don't assist you with. It's also important to explore who may not require or benefit from a Coach.

Lots of questions arise when exploring how to grow a business online.

There's an avalanche of information available to new business owners and entrepreneurs and it can be really hard to know where to start.

So we’ll explore questions like, what does a Business Coach actually do? How do I know if having a Business Coach is right for me? How can a Business Coach help me grow? And what stage in the business building journey is the best time to start considering a Business Coach? 

Rewind 18 months ago and to be quite honest, I had absolutely no idea what a Business Coach was either.

I worked as a Corporate Sales Consultant and Business Development Executive for 12 years. When I first heard the term...


5 Ways to Use Direct Message Marketing to Increase Sales

Using Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger to make sales for your business.

When it comes to growing and marketing your business online, have you tried using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram 'DM'?


Both platforms offer unparalleled potential and direct access to your next customers.


Utilising Instagram Direct Messaging and Facebook Messenger to connect with your followers grants you direct access to audience members, while also awarding insight into trends, and current consumer interests


For businesses, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are literally gold mines and should be treated as such. 


On top of engaging with audience members through tags and comments, business owners shouldn’t be afraid to also open the line of communication with direct message


It’s a wonderful, personalised way to remind your audience that there is a human behind the brand and that you aren’t...

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