How to Follow Up with Facebook Leads in 3 Easy Steps

Despite the introduction of new platforms, like TikTok, Facebook remains the most popular social media channel in the world. In fact, nearly 3 billion users log into their Facebook account every single month. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that business owners continue to use their Facebook accounts to generate and nurture many of their most profitable leads. But, though Facebook leads tend to convert like crazy, each one is just another number if you don’t know how to nurture it. 


In this article, we’re discussing three easy ways to help you nurture your Facebook leads and create conversions that last. 


  • Implement a Facebook Chatbot


Believe it or not, Facebook chatbots are incredibly powerful. These tools can be customized and personalized down to the smallest detail, allowing them to almost “take over” Facebook messaging for your business. When implemented properly, chatbots can even be used as a way to share your brand’s voice and grow your presence rapidly. Consider programming your chatbot to include a call-to-action in its conversations with your audience to take lead nurturing to the next level. 



  • Send an Initial Email


As soon as a new email address is received, it is so important to take your connection with a potential client to a more controlled environment. Use a lead’s email as an opportunity to humanize your brand outside of Facebook, and send them a message that motivates them to get to know you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn where a potential client is in the buying opportunity, while also experimenting with different nurturing strategies. 



  • Include Video Messages


In today’s digital age, seeing another human face is a lead generation strategy that stands out among the rest. Personalized videos are a sure way to engage an audience that converts, while also creating a brand that stands out in the minds of many. These video messages don’t need to be very long, somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, and should be used to deliver information about how your business help. Be genuine in the videos you send and offer a solution by pointing out ways that your business differs from the competition. 



Facebook is highly effective for helping business owners generate new leads and find ideal clients. A lead generation strategy for the platform can be useless though, especially if it isn’t followed up and the leads aren’t nurtured properly. Following up with Facebook leads doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming like once believed, and easy steps like chatbot programming and video messaging can create loyal, happy clients who refer all their friends. 



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