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I’m a firm non-believer in sleazy sales tactics. It doesn’t work and can truly be a recipe for disaster! I empower non-salespeople, to sell ethically and in a way that they can be proud of.

 Ethical selling is the only way forward and it is essential to build and maintain trust with clients, which in turn brings repeat business and increased profits. Since clients and consumers can often be well informed about a particular product or service beforehand, it is essential for you, a salesperson, to be as ethical and honest as you can be. Usually, honesty and transparency will pay off, as clients will appreciate your ethical selling standards.

 Some un-ethical selling techniques that are often used are; withholding relevant information or misleading the customer when overpromising. Leaving out information will have a negative effect on your reputation and to avoid falling into the trap of overpromising, you should ensure you guarantee only what you know you can...


The 3-Step Branding Checklist For Entrepreneurs

Branding, or the process of creating a name or symbol easily recognisable to your company, is an essential step in building a successful modern business. For entrepreneurs, branding can help differentiate you from your competition and outline the precise services that you offer. Today’s customers are looking for connection and humanity from the companies they support, which is why adding some personalisation to your organisation is so essential. 


In this article, we’re discussing the reasons why every entrepreneur should be taking steps to brand themselves. We are then sharing a quick checklist to help you understand the ways you can easily and effectively brand yourself for success. 

The Importance of Branding for Entrepreneurs

There are so many businesses out there. Many of them are startups and, unfortunately, most won’t succeed. For today’s entrepreneurs to remain relevant, despite all that noise, employing an effective branding strategy...


3 Simple Ways to Get More Coaching Clients with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an often overlooked social media platform, but it’s actually quite beneficial, especially for those with a coaching business. There are more than 750 million members on the platform, and the very mission of LinkedIn is to help make professionals “more productive and successful.” In this article, we’re discussing the numerous benefits of LinkedIn for coaches, and how they can utilise the social networking website to grow their business and earn more clients. 

How is LinkedIn Different from Other Social Media Platforms?

As mentioned above, LinkedIn does not serve the same purpose as other social media platforms. Instead of aiming to entertain or connect people on a friendly basis, LinkedIn acts as a social networking tool for professionals. The platform is very different from other social media websites, but two of the most standout differences between them are:


  • LinkedIn was Designed with Professional Networking in Mind




7 Effective Advertising Strategies for a Successful Coaching and Consulting Business

When it's time to market your coaching business, it is incredibly important to focus on the quality of clients you are attracting. Instead of sharing everything about your business all over the internet in hopes of anyone seeing it, you want to narrow in on your ideal client. You can then interact with them by sharing valuable content and fostering your relationship, knowing that they have a genuine interest in your business.

Marketing Your Coaching Business is All About Quality

Spend time researching your target market, their interests, and the type of content they respond to before actually jumping into just marketing anything. This will help you make the most of your time, while also generating the highest engagement for each post. In this article, we will discuss seven advertising strategies for you to consider implementing to get your business in front of the best eyes every time.

 7 Advertising Strategies for a Successful Coaching Business

1.   Invest in Paid...


What does conversion mean in marketing? 4 easy ways to improve your conversion rates

When it comes to running a business or growing your business online, the marketing side provides a rather steep learning curve.

There are lots of new terms to understand and metrics to keep track of, but probably the most important of them all is your conversion.

In marketing, your conversion is everything. It lets you know you’re on the right track and drives your business to success. It can also be quite complex to understand.

In this article, we’re going to be discussing conversion, when it happens, how to keep track of it, and the best ways to improve it.

When Does a Conversion Happen?

Put simply, a conversion happens when someone completes the desired goal due to your marketing efforts.

Typically, the goal is a purchase of some type, but a successful conversion can be anything from lead generation and form completion, to simply acquiring their email address or visits to a specific page.

If you ever want to properly track your marketing conversions, it’s...


3 things you need to know before you market your coaching business

Finding the time to research the best strategies out there can be a real challenge.

Often we are looking for a quick solution to a problem we are having right now, (in between all the other things that we are doing!). Or, we are trying to get things done FAST and go bulldozing our way through our to-do list without a strategy (been there!).

I work with a lot of online coaches, as well as being an online coach myself, I am going to share with you 3 things you need to know before deciding how to market your coaching business.

The level of busy you are likely already experiencing often means less time for research and testing. 

You might type in things like ‘best system for….’ or ‘how to get more clients with…’. What you generally find is a 'mish mash' of content, with widely variable quality issues. 

You can end up sifting through a mountain of ‘stuff’ trying to figure out which bits are reliable and which are...


10 Creative Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales for Your Business

One of the most difficult aspects of the marketing world is that, because it is always changing and evolving, it requires constant adaptation for businesses to remain relevant.

Marketing is an exceptionally imaginative field, challenging professionals to stay up-to-date on current trends while also providing information about the brand that consumers can relate with. The process requires lots of research, time, and balance for success to occur, which is why it’s sometimes easy to hit that imaginative block.


When business owners feel low on their creative marketing suggestions, all it usually takes is some inspiration and excitement to get that strategy back on track. This article serves as a way to provide professionals with 10 proven marketing ideas to increase sales and help your business make its way to the top. 

1.  Run a Contest to Boost Excitement

More than buying new items, people love winning free things, so an online contest or giveaway is a wonderful...


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