An Introduction to Ethical Selling



Let’s face it, sales gets a lot of negative publicity, even just the word Salesperson may conjure up images of an old-school 80's-style car salesman with slick back hair, and questionable morals. This is often for good reason, as much of what is taught by traditional sales coaches is outdated, boiler room tactics that can be reduced to psychological manipulation, leading customers and clients frustrated (often even after purchasing).  


However, as someone who has closed dozens of multi-million-pound deals utilising an ethical selling framework, I can confidently say it doesn’t have to be this way. Sales, when done correctly, can be a wonderful art form, leaving everyone satisfied and with a smile on their face at the end of what was a fun and productive conversation. 


This article hopes to introduce you to the wonderful world of ethical selling. As well as sharing some top tips, I’ll explain how you can get...


Ethical Selling Tips | My Calls to Clients Sales Lab

I’m a firm non-believer in sleazy sales tactics. It doesn’t work and can truly be a recipe for disaster! I empower non-salespeople, to sell ethically and in a way that they can be proud of.

 Ethical selling is the only way forward and it is essential to build and maintain trust with clients, which in turn brings repeat business and increased profits. Since clients and consumers can often be well informed about a particular product or service beforehand, it is essential for you, a salesperson, to be as ethical and honest as you can be. Usually, honesty and transparency will pay off, as clients will appreciate your ethical selling standards.

 Some un-ethical selling techniques that are often used are; withholding relevant information or misleading the customer when overpromising. Leaving out information will have a negative effect on your reputation and to avoid falling into the trap of overpromising, you should ensure you guarantee only what you know you can...


How to grow my online business using business development skills

How to grow my online business using business development skills

SO, what is Business Development, and why should entrepreneurs care about it?


In this article we will be looking at understanding what business development is, and why entrepreneurs and business owners should know about it. We will explore what business development actually means, what tasks are considered ‘business development’ and how it fits into an overall business strategy. 

What is Business Development?

Business Development is a term used in the corporate space to define activities which help the business make more money. In actual fact it can often take 6 months or longer in a ‘corporate BD’ job to start seeing real traction in business development. The reason for this is because many of the activities of a ‘BD Executive’ are built on cold outreach and require relationship building and nurturing over time. 


Business Development has been around...


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