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Yes, it is possible to enjoy selling while consistently closing those high-ticket, dream clients...

. . . with authentic, ethical selling strategies that create win-win situations for you and your clients. Often, it’s a struggle to communicate without pushing how transformative your service can be for them. You know it’s the right fit, but for some reason, the sales aren’t closing and the scripts aren’t working. 

It’s not your fault that the same old high pressure tactics have got you nowhere.

When you try to force your personality into someone else's sales style, you are no longer being you. Sales calls become awkward, and you end up feeling like you're always chasing clients.

In this course, you'll learn to identify your personal selling style, and the styles of your clients so that you can generate leads and book out your sales calls with confidence. 


In this course you'll go from feeling confused about how to sell, to feeling confident and excited to communicate your value and close those high-ticket sales.

I'll share my strategies for designing your own carefully crafted signature sales style, to finally experience feeling confident and equipped for successful selling for your business. 

It’s time to transform your business through successful selling.


"Now I know how to find the best leads and everything is so smooth for my business. I just closed my highest-ticket deal!"

- Isaac Cubero, Selecta Branding Agency CEO

Inside the Authentic

6 Figure Seller Academy...

Sales Styles

Learn the different selling styles, their strengths (and their weaknesses!) and how to use your unique personality to play to your natural selling strengths. 

Types of Leads

We'll discuss the different types of leads in your audience, and how to understand the needs of each to maximize the effects of your sales calls. 

Creating Sales Experiences

No, selling doesn't have to be stressful! In fact, sales calls can be an enjoyable, seamless experience for you and for your clients when you create authentic, synergy sales experiences. 

Sales Success Toolkit

Once you have a firm understanding in place of strategic sales foundations, it's time to put those strategies to work! 

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